44. Hypocrisy

Let’s be honest for a minute, can you look at yourself with your hand on your heart and swear that you are not guilty of being a bit hypocritical on occasions?  Come on look deep.  Don’t feel bad, everyone is really.  In the early 90’s British Prime Minister John Major launched his Back to Basics campaign. It was interpreted as a drive to sort out family life, 2.4 children and summer holidays at the beach.  Yes it was a jolly nice idea but he was in actual fact cheating on his wife with Edwina Currie, why remains a mystery.

Arthur Scargill was another massive hypocrite; in fact there is a picture of him next to the word Hypocrite in the dictionary.  Yes it was all well and good shouting “Coal not dole” at Thatcher, but you have to ask why on earth the miners were paying for him to live a life of luxury in a Thames-view penthouse on the South Bank.  Seems very working class…

Then we have Communism.  It dictates that everyone is equal, earning the same blah blah blah.  But how is it then that it has a ruling

…We didn’t receive any messages, and Captain Blackadder definitely did not shoot this delicious plump-breasted pigeon…

government and high class elite that seem to have Bugatti Veyron’s, private jets and free private dental care?

Further down at the foot of the political ladder we have Martin Fullard, a man who keeps complaining about the abysmal driving standards in the UAE, yet can claim ownership of over 50 speeding fines and 12 points on his driving license…  Hypocrisy is a trait we all carry, but not everyone realises, and that’s when it gets on my nerves.

This whole twitter hash-tag malarkey that’s going around about dressing respectably at the moment is starting to peeve me.  First of all I agree…those from outside of the UAE should respect the customs.  However, don’t force it down our throats until you have walked through a mall.  A mall you say?  Yes.  Have you seen the mannequin’s in the shop windows?  That’s ok is it?  These are perfectly acceptable to display in shop windows are they?

I was in t’pub t’other night and after sitting down on my favourite stool was immediately dragged into a conversation with a man whose first language was certainly not English.  He proceeded to blether at me about lots of things that I would a) rather forget and b) deem unsuitable for easily offended blog readers, he was hammered.  But, after about an hour of talking at my elbow decided it was time to go home so asked the barman/valet to fetch his Land Cruiser…and off he went…

A further example is last year a friend of mine was pulling out on to a roundabout.  Luckily he stopped but from his left appeared a flying car.  It rolled over, hit the guardrail on the exit of the roundabout and one of the passengers was thrown out.  There were beer cans everywhere; the driver was clearly drunk and remarkably unscathed after the crash.  The correct authorities arrived and promptly told my friend to go away, telling him that he “hadn’t seen anything” and that they weren’t interested in his eye-witness account.

If you live here then you don’t need me to provide any more examples.  You all know what you see and, in the main, are better off opting to stay quiet about it.

Sadly there is little that we can do.  Since we are all guilty of it ourselves – and if anyone harps on that they are not, then they are a liar – we just have to accept it.  I read somewhere that “Honest discussions – even and perhaps especially on topics about which we disagree – can help us resist hypocrisy and arrogance. They can also help us live up to the basic ideals, such as liberty and justice for all, on which our country [the USA] was founded.”

Nice idea, but I don’t fancy prison.  I’d rather cop off with Edwina Currie…

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