I am an NCTJ trained freelance writer for hire 24/7. Get in touch!

Feature writing:

My favourite thing to write about is, frankly, everything. That’s what makes a good Feature Writer. Anything can be interesting when it is put across to the reader in an appealing way. Finding the right angle isn’t always easy, and certainly not always obvious, but there is little more satisfying than constructing a good written feature. I am available to the media as a freelance contributor 24/7, with no limit on my repertoire.

Event reporting:

Running an event? Need someone to spend the day there writing about it and preparing press releases? It doesn’t matter whether you are running a sporting event or a teapot exhibition, I’m your man. I will construct a detailed report on the event, as well as prepare separate, shorter press releases which can be sent out to your media database.

Content writing:

Starting a new website or just planning on revamping your old one? Do you need content? Writing text for an entire website is more time consuming and taxing than a lot of people realise. If you provide me with the bare-bones of the information I will put it all together in a style that matches your company. From the “About us” page through to products and prices, I will have you covered.

Prices depend upon scope of work.


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